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Monday, May 01, 2006

UPDATE: Fake skully Vans

I covet those cool patterned Vans slip-ons but totally can't afford them (or rather I prefer to spend my money on other things like beer and expensive jeans.) So I made some myself! Hideous beige things from Zellers + 3 coats of white fabric paint + silver fabric paint (for the elastic) + freehand skull-and-crossbones drawn on with a silver sharpie = better-than-the-original knockoffs!!!

UPDATE: The sharpie made a big silver blob where my pants rubbed!!! So I had to do some damage control - I painted over the silver blob with another layer of white then handpainted the skulls with a little brush and the same silver paint I used to paint the elastic. I've worn them, and no more silver blobs! Success!


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