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Sunday, June 18, 2006

The madness continues...

Glampyre's original Forecast

I just bought some fuschia Cascade 220 Tweed on eBay to make Glampyre's "Forecast" from the Winter 2005 Knitty. Will it ever stop? I've actually been eyeing this one for a while, so when I stumbled upon the recommended yarn in a perfect colour, I knew it was a sign. My plan is to do the same modifications as Winnie over at Knitting Escapism - 3 stitch bobbles instead of the 5, starting the ribbing for the sleeves at the elbow, and adding a few inches to the body. Surprisingly enough, I don't want this one to be cropped!

The comments on Winnie's post about the modifications to get forecast got me thinking about the nature of building on the work of others to create. Some commenters seem to miss the point a little, I think, by asserting that Winnie's is so much better than Stephanie's. I tend to look at patterns as a starting point for techniques and construction rather than as a template for a finished garment. I add my own ideas to the pattern, making the garment into something that presents the image I'm seeking to portray. Winnie's Forecast has a different look and feel than the original, because I think it starts from a different place about the idea the knitter intends the finished garment to suggest - Stephanie's is dramatic and playful, Winnie's version is more sophisticated. Some think Winnie's version is better because they're interested in building a more classic garment, some might think Stephanie's is better becauase they're interested in a making a more theatrical peice. Either can be considered "better" than the other for the same reason - each is most successful in achieving the aim of the creator. This is what I like so much about knitting - people share techniques and patterns and garment construction but the end result often becomes a work of your own.


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