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Thursday, June 08, 2006


I cut my steeks today! It was awesome! I finished the knitting a couple of days ago. Then I gave it a quick pre-steek semi-block to make sure that it had the capacity to fit me before I started to hack it up. It blocked out perfectly:

Then yesterday I crocheted that mutha up! I should have used a higher contrast yarn, but I had some Rowan Kid Classic leftovers lying around so I used those instead of buying something new. These are high-class steeks! Really, I wouldn't normally use such fancy yarn for steeking, but as Eunny says in her excellent multi-part steeking tutorial, you should use a really sticky yarn to crochet the steeks so they felt themselves in there nice and tight and the Rowan was the only mohair I had. So fancy-pants yarn it was. Here they are:

Can you see the little dark-grey lines? Not really, eh? They're there. The top gets to be in a bit of a mess, what with all the yarn ends, and the steek ends, and the stitch holders. Not pretty. Here's a closeup:

Then today I cut. I took my teeny tiny little scissors and cut all my hard work to bits.

It worked! They didn't unravel! This steeking business isn't that bad. Anything else lying around here that I can cut up?


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