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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Inspiration for Fall 2006

I've got a lot of projects planned for the fall - partly because I'm going to be moving to a place where I have no friends and partly because it looks like I might be un- or (more optimistically) under-employed. So lots of time for knitting and sewing!!!

I'm planning on doing a lot of colourwork this fall/winter. Fair isle mittens, hats, socks and sweaters are all I can think about. The Vogue Knitting Fall 2006 preview has some pretty amazing fair isle that I'm drooling over (thanks to Wine and Needles for the heads up). I'm contemplating this:

and this:

Daunting, but doable. Also, the Thoroughbred sweater

from Anthropologie has a sexy fit and an interesting motif that I could copy *ahem* be inspired by. I'm also pretty keen by the Jimmy sweater (also from Anthropologie).

(nautical and wintery) and the Aviatrix sweater (quirky and lacy)

I'm also planning on brushing up on my sewing skills. I'm going to take a class from Studio Opal and I've already started to gather pictures, fabrics, and patterns. I've got to pick up this blouse pattern

from Simplicity's Built by YOU line designed by Wendy Mullin from Built by Wendy. I love the short-sleeved version and it just might be easy enough to suit my limited skill set. I'm also blown away by these Marc Jacob designs. The shapeless-yet-shapely look is probably too difficult for me to knock-off just yet, but a girl can dream.

[Edit: the last picture is actually of a Chloe dress, not Marc Jacobs. Sorry if I misled!]


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Nice Anthro vest in Black and white

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